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Magnetic and structural properties of Bi(2223)doped by pb and Sb (47580 Views)
Structure and physical properties of layered ferrofluids (43251 Views)
Theoretical study of the structural stability for fcc-CHx phases using density functional theory (41825 Views)
Correlation level in superconducting Sr2RuO4 system studied by ab-initio LSDA & LSDA+U calculations (29788 Views)
Electron trajectories in free electron laser with realizable helical wiggler and ion channel guiding (29025 Views)
Free oscillation of the Earth (28428 Views)
Evaluation of the possible changes in diurnal temperature range (DTR) trend in some arid climates of Iran since last five decades (28152 Views)
Structural, electronic and flux dynamics of Gd(Ba2-xPrx)Cu3O7+& delta superconductor (27641 Views)
Spin-dependent conductance of a typical fishbone-like nanostructure (27346 Views)
Magneto-optic properties and optical parameter of thin MnCo films (26203 Views)
Calibration constant of a silver activation counter used with plasma focus devices (24728 Views)
Band structure of fcc-C60 solid state crystal study (24482 Views)
Second harmonic generation with DSR1-PMMA polymer films (24420 Views)
The role of internal waves in the formation of layered structure at exchange flows between two closed basins (Middle and southern basins of the Caspian sea) (23334 Views)
Influence of the multilayer system on the structure and photoluminescence of GeOx thin films (22709 Views)
Investigation of doping and particle size effect on structural, magnetic and magnetoresistance properties of manganites (22145 Views)
Superconductivity in optimally doped cuprates: BZA program works well and superexchange is the glue (22039 Views)
The electrical and magnetic properties of ferromagnetic-superconducting compound Ru(Gd1.5-xPrx)Ce0.5Sr2Cu2O10-δ (21552 Views)
Electron-phonon interaction in high temperature superconductors (21545 Views)
Electronic conduction of poly(dG)-poly(dC) DNA in SWNT/DNA/SWNT structure (21121 Views)
AC susceptibility of polycrystalline (Bi-Pb) 2223 superconductors (20577 Views)
Preparation of YBCO superconductor nanoparticles by sol-gel combustion method (20383 Views)
Investigation of particle size on the phase formation and microstructure of Bi-2223/Ag wire (20349 Views)
Ruthenocuprats: Playground for superconductivity and magnetism (20295 Views)
Effect of Ag nanoparticles as flux pinning centers in YBa2Cu3O7-δ (20241 Views)
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Introduction to Hubbard model and exact diagonalization (14047 Downloads)
Fabrication and size control of Ag nanoparticles (9470 Downloads)
Comparison of physical sputtering and ion plating methods for investigation of hydrogen distribution into the hydrogen targets (8513 Downloads)
Evaluation of artificial neural network (ANN) and adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system (ANFIS) methods in prediction of global solar radiation (7038 Downloads)
PIC simulation of electron acceleration in an underdense plasma (6421 Downloads)
A study on heavy radioactive pollution: Radon and Radium in streams and drinking water of Ramsar region by measured Prassi system (6090 Downloads)
Preparation of YBCO superconductor nanoparticles by sol-gel combustion method (6078 Downloads)
Investigation of ZnS thin layers by thermal evaporation method (PVD) (5728 Downloads)
Field analysis of TE and TM modes in photonic crystal Bragg fibers by transmission matrix method (5673 Downloads)
Thickness and roughness measurements of nano thin films by interference (5595 Downloads)
Calculation of point isotropic buildup factors of gamma rays for water and lead (4843 Downloads)
Evaluation of the possible changes in diurnal temperature range (DTR) trend in some arid climates of Iran since last five decades (4683 Downloads)
Calculating gamma ray exposure buildup factors for plane source and double stratified layers of water and lead and investigating effect of coherent scattering on these factors (4426 Downloads)
Study of optical properties of thin copper films on glass substrate using Kramers-Kronig method (4297 Downloads)
Investigating the effect of disorder on density of states of graphene nano-ribbons (4181 Downloads)
Study of magnetic properties of graphene nanostructures and graphene nanoribbons (4162 Downloads)
Effect of the cooling rate on the solidification of Ag-X%Au alloy: Molecular dynamics simulation (4129 Downloads)
Decreasing of the activation energy of TiO2 nanoparticles by applying ultrasound waves using the sol-gel method (4119 Downloads)
Parallel PIC simulation for two stream instability (4042 Downloads)
Flow equations approach to one dimensional quantum Ising model (4003 Downloads)
Coherent quantum trasport in ferromagnet-superconductor-ferromagnet graphene junctions (3794 Downloads)
C atom endohedral doping effect on the bond lengths in the crystal structure of fcc-C60 (3780 Downloads)
Josephson junction between two high Tc superconductors with arbitrary transparency of interface (3518 Downloads)
One dimension PIC simulation of nonlinear ion-acoustic waves in plasma (3506 Downloads)
Investigation of confined hydrogen atom in spherical cavity, using B-splines basis set (3497 Downloads)
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