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Fabrication and size control of Ag nanoparticles (18570 Downloads)
Introduction to Hubbard model and exact diagonalization (17381 Downloads)
Evaluation of artificial neural network (ANN) and adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system (ANFIS) methods in prediction of global solar radiation (13289 Downloads)
Comparison of physical sputtering and ion plating methods for investigation of hydrogen distribution into the hydrogen targets (11006 Downloads)
A study on heavy radioactive pollution: Radon and Radium in streams and drinking water of Ramsar region by measured Prassi system (10876 Downloads)
Status of medical electron linear accelerator for cancer treatment in Iran (9486 Downloads)
Field analysis of TE and TM modes in photonic crystal Bragg fibers by transmission matrix method (8531 Downloads)
An investigation into the importance and applications of accelerators in today’s world (8490 Downloads)
Thickness and roughness measurements of nano thin films by interference (8340 Downloads)
PIC simulation of electron acceleration in an underdense plasma (8146 Downloads)
Calculation of point isotropic buildup factors of gamma rays for water and lead (7490 Downloads)
Preparation of YBCO superconductor nanoparticles by sol-gel combustion method (7478 Downloads)
Design and construction of triplet atmospheric cold plasma jet for sterilization (7093 Downloads)
The study of the change in the optical band-gap of titania nanoparticles supported on silica (7077 Downloads)
Investigation of ZnS thin layers by thermal evaporation method (PVD) (7036 Downloads)
Evaluation of the possible changes in diurnal temperature range (DTR) trend in some arid climates of Iran since last five decades (6881 Downloads)
Study of optical properties of thin copper films on glass substrate using Kramers-Kronig method (5929 Downloads)
Investigating the effect of disorder on density of states of graphene nano-ribbons (5776 Downloads)
Study of magnetic properties of graphene nanostructures and graphene nanoribbons (5696 Downloads)
Decreasing of the activation energy of TiO2 nanoparticles by applying ultrasound waves using the sol-gel method (5585 Downloads)
Calculating gamma ray exposure buildup factors for plane source and double stratified layers of water and lead and investigating effect of coherent scattering on these factors (5394 Downloads)
Parallel PIC simulation for two stream instability (5230 Downloads)
Topological description of mechanical behavior of Cu, Ag and Au: A first-principle study (5216 Downloads)
Effect of the cooling rate on the solidification of Ag-X%Au alloy: Molecular dynamics simulation (5096 Downloads)
Production dosimeter LiF: Mg, Ti and comparison its responses with dosimeter LiF: Mg, Ti (TLD-100) in Harshaw company against of gamma rays (5077 Downloads)
Flow equations approach to one dimensional quantum Ising model (5034 Downloads)
Nuclear fission problem and Langevin equation (4950 Downloads)
Simulation of MHD shok waves in plasma focus facilities (4917 Downloads)
Calculation of electronic structure and density of state for BaTiO3 (4911 Downloads)
Applied physics-I: Introduction to neurophysics (4881 Downloads)
One dimension PIC simulation of nonlinear ion-acoustic waves in plasma (4867 Downloads)
C atom endohedral doping effect on the bond lengths in the crystal structure of fcc-C60 (4831 Downloads)
Crystalline structure, magnetic and magnetoelastic properties of Nd6Fe13-xCoxCu intermetallic compounds (4804 Downloads)
Coherent quantum trasport in ferromagnet-superconductor-ferromagnet graphene junctions (4802 Downloads)
A new method for improvement of attenuation correction in cardiac imaging by SPECT system (4734 Downloads)
Josephson junction between two high Tc superconductors with arbitrary transparency of interface (4635 Downloads)
Recent developments on superconducting magnesium diboride wires and tapes (4574 Downloads)
Direct production of carbon nanofibers decorated with Cu2O by thermal chemical vapor deposition on Ni catalyst electroplated on a copper substrate (4554 Downloads)
Investigation of confined hydrogen atom in spherical cavity, using B-splines basis set (4522 Downloads)
Investigation of reactivity variations of the Isfahan MNSR reactor due to variations in the thickness of the core top beryllium layer using WIMSD and MCNP codes (4512 Downloads)
Methane conversion to hydrocarbons by double discharge (4511 Downloads)
Time dependent solutions of the nonlinear Fokker- Planck equations related to arbitrary functions of Tsallis entropy (4493 Downloads)
Calibration constant of a silver activation counter used with plasma focus devices (4473 Downloads)
Electron trajectories in free electron laser with realizable helical wiggler and ion channel guiding (4460 Downloads)
Investigation of mechanical and thermal properties of cobalt using a molecular dynamics simulation (4376 Downloads)
Design and preparation of binary-binary SnO2-ZnO:F/MgF2/SiO2 transparent conducting oxide coatings (4356 Downloads)
One-dimensional optical spatial screening solitons in photorefractive media and incoherent interaction between them (4333 Downloads)
The usage of resonance optical absorption method for measurement of Cu atoms during the plasma sputtering deposition (4288 Downloads)
Study of the effect of Titanium dioxide nano particle size on efficiency of the dye-sensitized Solar cell using natural Pomegranate juice (4277 Downloads)
Differential and total excitation cross sections in the collision of protons with He atoms at intermediate and high energies under a three body formalism (4240 Downloads)
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