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Magnetic and structural properties of Bi(2223)doped by pb and Sb (52747 Views)
Structure and physical properties of layered ferrofluids (49402 Views)
Theoretical study of the structural stability for fcc-CHx phases using density functional theory (45742 Views)
Structural, electronic and flux dynamics of Gd(Ba2-xPrx)Cu3O7+& delta superconductor (36783 Views)
Correlation level in superconducting Sr2RuO4 system studied by ab-initio LSDA & LSDA+U calculations (33050 Views)
Electron trajectories in free electron laser with realizable helical wiggler and ion channel guiding (32745 Views)
Free oscillation of the Earth (31574 Views)
Evaluation of the possible changes in diurnal temperature range (DTR) trend in some arid climates of Iran since last five decades (30673 Views)
Spin-dependent conductance of a typical fishbone-like nanostructure (30666 Views)
Magneto-optic properties and optical parameter of thin MnCo films (30410 Views)
Band structure of fcc-C60 solid state crystal study (29851 Views)
Electron-phonon interaction in high temperature superconductors (28024 Views)
Calibration constant of a silver activation counter used with plasma focus devices (27609 Views)
Second harmonic generation with DSR1-PMMA polymer films (27442 Views)
Investigation of doping and particle size effect on structural, magnetic and magnetoresistance properties of manganites (27044 Views)
Superconductivity in optimally doped cuprates: BZA program works well and superexchange is the glue (27033 Views)
AC susceptibility of polycrystalline (Bi-Pb) 2223 superconductors (25776 Views)
The role of internal waves in the formation of layered structure at exchange flows between two closed basins (Middle and southern basins of the Caspian sea) (25608 Views)
Spin waves and unidirectional anisotropy in ultra thin ferromagnetic/antiferromagnetic bilayer (25296 Views)
Influence of the multilayer system on the structure and photoluminescence of GeOx thin films (25156 Views)
Determination of time spectra of neutrons and energy spectra of muonic atoms in μCF by Monte-Carlo method (24973 Views)
PIC simulation of electron acceleration in an underdense plasma (24663 Views)
Study of band gap and determination of size of PbS quantum dots synthesized by colloidal solution (24661 Views)
Neutron, electron and photon transport in ICF tragets in direct and fast ignition (24613 Views)
The electrical and magnetic properties of ferromagnetic-superconducting compound Ru(Gd1.5-xPrx)Ce0.5Sr2Cu2O10-δ (24545 Views)
The calculation of the conductance and electron tunneling characteristic time from metal-molecule contact in a molecular wire (24349 Views)
Ruthenocuprats: Playground for superconductivity and magnetism (23951 Views)
Electronic conduction of poly(dG)-poly(dC) DNA in SWNT/DNA/SWNT structure (23859 Views)
Optical properties and electronic structure of ceramics tetragonal PbTiO3 by using full-potential linearized augmented plane wave (23741 Views)
Preparation of YBCO superconductor nanoparticles by sol-gel combustion method (23631 Views)
Introduction to Hubbard model and exact diagonalization (23548 Views)
Structural and electronic properties of cerium from LDA+U calculations (23123 Views)
Effect of Ag nanoparticles as flux pinning centers in YBa2Cu3O7-δ (23069 Views)
Investigation of particle size on the phase formation and microstructure of Bi-2223/Ag wire (23022 Views)
Simulation of MHD shok waves in plasma focus facilities (22709 Views)
Elastic scattering of the halo nucleus 6 He from 197 Au at Elab=27 MeV (22636 Views)
Hyperfine field on Fe, Rh, Cd and Sn nucleus probes in chromium host (22400 Views)
Oscillation phenomenon of transition temperatures of coupled magnetic planes (22106 Views)
Preparation and investigation of bulk and thin film samples of strontium ferrite (21855 Views)
Quantum size correction to the work function and the centroid of excess charge in positively ionized simple metal clusters (21850 Views)
Beam neutron energy optimization for boron neutron capture therapy using Monte Carlo method (21747 Views)
Magnetic properties of FeCo nanoparticles for information storage (21730 Views)
Sub-Doppler Spectroscopy (21489 Views)
Barrier and well-width dependence of optical emission of GaN/AlGaN quantum well nanostructures (21299 Views)
Semiconductor-to-metal transition in trans-polyacetylene (the role of correlated solitons) (21263 Views)
The effect of sintering temperature on the intergranular properties and weak link behavior of Bi2223 superconductors (21250 Views)
Simulation of non-equilibrium many body electrons in RTD (21247 Views)
Grain size stabilization of tetragonal phase of zirconia in sputtered Zr- O cermet films (21061 Views)
The effect of magnetic resistivity in advection dominated accretion disk with poloidal magnetic (20689 Views)
Influence of ions on relativistic double layers radiation in astrophysical plasmas (20557 Views)
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