Thermoluminescence TL materials LiF(Mg,Cu2+) and LiF(Cu2+) were produced in powder. Their 3D emission spectra were investigated and compared to the commercially available LiF(Mg,Cu2+,P) and (LiF(Mg,Ti) TL materials. Emission spectrum of LiF(Mg,Cu2+) represents a peak maximum at 450 nm with a wide shoulder ranging from 520 nm to infrared area. Emission peak of LiF(Cu2+) is situated at 380 nm and its tail also is stretched to infrared. The temperature rates of main peak in glow curves for LiF(Mg,Cu2+) and LiF(Cu2+) lie at 200 °C and 250°C, respectively. Based on the obtained results, Cu impurity in LiF(Mg,Cu,P) has a major role in removing emission frequencies which are higher than 500 nm and also UV sensitivity.


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