In this paper, high-order harmonic generation by a bicircular field, which consists of two coplanar counterrotating circularly polarized fields of frequency ω and 3ω, is investigated for bromine (Br2) molecule. This field possesses dynamical symmetry, which can be adapted to the symmetry of the highest occupied molecular orbital (HOMO) and used to investigate the molecular symmetry. An accurate three dimensional(3D) calculation of molecular dynamics through time dependent density- functional theory (TDDFT)is considered to explore broad harmonic plateau with high efficiency. We show that an attosecond pulse with a pulse duration of 349as  from the superposition of several optimum harmonics is generated.  Furthermore, in order to study of the quantum trajectory of electrons, time-frequency analysis is utilized. This work is proved to be a potential way for applications in coherent imaging and photoelectron spectroscopy.


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