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Condenced Matter Physics, Department of Physics, University of Kashan, Kashan, Iran


In the present study we introduce a concept to generate spin-polarized current in armchair transition metal dichalcogenides nanoribbons (TMDNs) using light irradiation. The spin-photocurrent properties are investigated by nonequilibrium Green's function formalism and electron-electron intraction. Because of  intrinsic spin-orbit couplying, light irradiation produce spin- photocurrent in TMDNs whitout applying any external magnetic element. Morevere, transverse electric field modifies the magnitude and positin of optical absorption peaks and also, the magnitude of the spin-phtocurrent. Finally, the fully spin-polarized photocurrent, the high quantum efficiency with a maximum of approximately 50%, the wide-wavelength-range operation from ultraviolet to infrared and optical spin-filtering effects, that are tunable with transverse electric field, indicate the high performance of this spin-photodetectors based on armchair TMDNs and pave the way toward the improved design and performance of this photodetectors in spin-optoelectronic.


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