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‎‎ Faculty of Physics, Department of Photonics and Plasma, University of Kashan, Kashan, Iran


In this paper, the generation of the new modes in the problem of the transfer of the electromagnetic waves from a semi-bounded cylindrical waveguide with a metallic wall to a plasma column are investigated. An electromagnetic wave with the symmetric mode TM0j is send from a semi-bounded cylindrical dielectric waveguide to a plasma column. The plasma column is placed on the axis of another semi-bounded dielectric waveguide. Two mentioned waveguides are connected to each other in z=0. The incident wave is reflected and transmitted on the interface surface of two waveguides. The reflected and transmitted waves are considered as a series of the new modes and by using appropriate boundary conditions, the reflection and transmission coefficients of each new mode are calculated. The calculations are shown that the reflection and transmission coefficients of the reflected and transmitted waves are a function of the collision frequency of the plasma. Also, the phase different of the reflected and transmitted waves respect to the incident are shown because the reflection and transmission coefficients are obtained as a complex number. The graphs of the transmission and reflection coefficients and the graphs of the phase difference of the reflected and transmitted waves in terms of the collision frequency of the plasma are investigated.


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