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1 Physics department, Razi University, Kermanshah

2 ‎‎ ‎ Physics department, Razi University, Kermanshah‎, Iran ‎


In this study, the researcher decided to study Tetraquark and Pentaquark systems. We introduce the Pentaquark system as a meson-baryon system and Tetraquark as a diquark-antidiquark system. A diquark consists of two quarks. The interaction potential between these particles is considered as a combination of two color charge potentials and the confinement potential is considered as harmonic and linear sentences. Solve the Schrodinger equation by considering the effects of spin-spin, isospin- isospin, spin-isospin, and then obtain the mass of the diquark and the heavy tetraquuarks with charm quarks and bottom. These calculations are calculated using the approach of diquark - antidiquark within the framework of the non-relativistic quark model. In the following, we calculate the mass of Pentaquark systems in the same way.


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