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‎ Department of Physics, Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, Iran


One of the advantages of observations of gravitational microlensing is stellar spots detection.  Our aim ‎in this paper is to study and characterize the perturbations due to stellar spots on the microlensing ‎light curves. Considering a suitable formalism for the stellar spots, we simulate the microlensing of ‎spotted source stars. One of the effects of a spot on stellar light curve is the local demagnification (where ‎the lens is crossing the stellar spot) and it causes asymmetric perturbations on the light curve. The ‎spots that locate at the source center after projection make larger and deeper perturbations than the ‎spots locate the stellar limbs. In caustic crossing binary microlensing events, the typical-size spot-‎induced perturbations mostly make (more than 40‏‎ percent) the relative deviations larger than ‎‏5‏‎. This ‎fraction is bigger for single lensing events‎‎‎.‎


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