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‎‎ Department of Physics, Vali-e-Asr University of Rafsanjan, Rafsanjan‎, Iran


In this manuscript we consider the normal branch of DGP brane cosmological model in the presence of a ‎scalar field on the brane as the dark energy component. Using dynamical system approach we investigate ‎the stability properties of the system. We will see that one of the defined new variables lambda, that ‎depends on the potential function of the scalar field has a significant role in the evolution of the universe. ‎Therefore, we divide our discussion into two parts, the constant and the varying lambda. With a good ‎approximation we consider all the obtained critical points in the case of the constant lambda, as the ‎instantaneous critical points for the case of a varying lambda. We investigate two special scalar field ‎potential function: a double exponential potential and an inverse power law potential. In both of the cases we ‎study the evolution of the system and discuss the fate of the universe. We find that the inverse power law ‎potential function is in a good agreement with the current universe, but the double exponential potential ‎function can predict different future for the universe.‎


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