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1 هیات علمی- گروه فیزیک

2 Behbahan khatam alanbia of university

3 Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Shohadaye Hoveizeh Campus of Technology, Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz, P.O. Box 64418-78986, Susangerd


This study investigated nonlinear ion acoustic solitons in a dusty plasma system, consisting of negatively charged dust particles, dynamic warms ions, electrons and positrons with non-thermal Cairns distributions. The nonlinear differential equation governing this system was obtained in two steps using the reductive perturbation method. In the first step, the nonlinear differential equation KdV was obtained considering lower-order powers. The results showed the nonlinear coefficient of the mentioned equation was zero at the critical value in the desired system and this equation could not describe the solitons propagated in the system. In the next step, the modified KdV equation was obtained like the previous section using the reductive perturbation method, taking into account higher-order power. The results showed dispersion coefficients were the same in both cases. However, the nonlinear coefficient was more complicated in the modified case. In both cases, static solutions of solitons were investigated, and the effect of various parameters, including non-equilibrium of electrons and positrons, on the wave structure was examined in detail. The results revealed unlike Maxwell’s distribution, in which only positive solitons could be propagated, both positive and negative solitons could be propagated in this system. Also, the presence of non-equilibrium particles could increase the soliton amplitude and width. The obtained results could be used in space and laboratory plasma systems.


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