The effect of particle size and the heat treatment on precursor powder and subsequent phase formation of silver tube Bi-2223 wire has been studied. First, we have prepared a series of Bi1.66Pb0.34Sr2Ca2Cu3Oy samples with different sintering temperatures and studied the phase formation in these samples. Second, different particle size distributions were obtained by grinding powders of best formed Bi-2223 phase samples. PIT technique has been used to make wires of Bi-2223 phase using silver tube. The effects of precursor heat treatments and different particle size were identified by combination of XRD, SEM EDX, LPSA (Laser Particle Size Analyzer) electrical resistivity and Ac-susceptibility measurements technique. It has been shown that the small particle size promotes the formation of Bi-2223 phase and the critical current densities tend to increase when the size of sintered powder of Bi-2223 phase used in the formation of wire, decreases.


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