In this paper a simple model calculation of spin wave is given for the ferromagtic layer in ultra thin ferromagnetic/antiferromagnetic bilayer. In this model the magnetic layer is assumed as an isolated layer but the effect of antiferromagnetic layer on ferromagnetic layer and unidirectional anisotropy, is given in the effective field applied on each spin. The thin layer is assumed as two-dimensional plate. In this model the exchange coupling and dipoles interactions are assumed in the ferromagnetic layer. The spin wave frequencies are calculated for long spin waves. The observed data is fitted into this theory. In the light of this theory, important information can be obtained about the existing fields in the ferromagnetic/antiferromagnetic bilayer. These studies are very important because the ferromagnetic/antiferromagnetic bilayer is used in sensors and spin valves that are used in reading data from the hard-disk of computer.


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