This paper studies improved factorization method, in the heavy quark limit, for B→Kπ decays. Paying attention to strong interaction scale AQCD, and calculating all parameters depending on that in the particular scale (the same as µ ) show that we can obtain better and comparable results for branching ratios such as BR(B0 → K0 π 0 )=8.5+0.7-0.5 × 10-6 and BR(B →π k0)=2.26+0.17-0.15 × 10-5, and for CP-asymmetry such as, ACP < /sub>(B → K π 0 )=0.045 and ACP < /sub>(B → K π 0 )=0.0085, which are very close to experimental values. In this framework, we fix AQCD=225Mev, and also calculate parameters such as Wilson coefficients, α S , C8g and in this scale .


تحت نظارت وف ایرانی