In this investigation, the effect of Lanthanum vacancy on the structural, electrical and magnetic properties of La1-xMnO3+δ manganite (x=0, 0.05) was studied. Decreasing La3+ amount in samples led to creation of some Mn4+ cations. By increasing the Mn4+content in atomic structure of samples, double exchange interaction was strengthened. Results of Ac magnetic susceptibility measurements indicated that both samples (x=0, 0.05) have spin glass-like behavior at low temperatures. Electrical transport measurements showed a decrease in resistivity of samples, which can be attributed to variation in Mn3+ to Mn4+ ratio and different kinds of magnetic interactions in the samples. Furthermore, it was shown that fast cooling (FC) is an appropriate method in controlling the oxygen of samples. The samples prepared by FC method showed similar properties with stoichiometric La1-xMnO3.


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