The propagation of nonlinear quantum dust ion-acoustic (QDIA) solitary waves in a unmagnetized quantum plasma whose constituents are inertialess quantum electrons and  positrons, classical cold ions and stationary negative dust grains are studied by deriving  the Korteweg–de Vries (KdV) equation under the reductive perturbation method. Quantum Hydrodynamic (QHD) equations are used to take into account the quantum diffraction in quantum statistics corrections. It is shown that depending on some critical values of the dust density (d) which is function of quantum diffraction parameter (H), both rarefactive and compressive type of solitons can exist in the model plasma. Further, the amplitude and width of both solitons increase as d increases. Moreover,  it is pointed out that an increase in quantum diffraction parameter, decreases the width of  compressive soliton but  increases the width of  rarefactive soliton, and the amplitude of both solitons is  independent of H. The present investigation could be useful for researches on astrophysical plasmas as well as for ultra small micro- and nano- electronic devices


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