By using the convolution formalism which consists of Fermi motion and binding effect, we investigate the deep inelastic electron scattering from A=3 mirror in the deep-valence region. The initial valence quark input is taken from the GRVs (Gluck, Reya and Vogt) fitting procedure and the next-to-leading order QCD evolution on FP < /sup>2 (x,Q2) which gives very good fit to the available data in the (x,Q2)-plane. It is shown that the free neutron to proton structure function ratios can be extracted from the corresponding EMC ratios for 3He and 3H mirror nuclei using the self - consistent iteration procedure and the results are in good agreement with other theoretical models as well as the current available experimental data and especially the projected data expected from the proposed 11GeV Jefferson Laboratory in near future.


ارتقاء امنیت وب با وف ایرانی